Graffit Music Studios


01. Tracking

02. Editing

03. Mixing and Mastering

  1. 01. Tracking

    Graffiti Music Studios contains some of the best rooms available between Chicago and LA. The studios designer, John Storyk, is world renowned for his acoustical design, and aesthetic techniques. The environments he designs are sought after for both their sonic efficacy, and their stylistic comforts. The rooms are warm, inviting, and most importantly sound incredible. If you are looking for a better environment for tracking elements of your next recording, you've found it.

  2. 02. Editing

    Sometimes tracking an album can be a little daunting. Especially when doing it by yourself. It can be much like a 10,000 piece puzzle of a snowstorm, similar looking pieces that must be put in very particular places. If you've already recorded and now need to make sure all the pieces fit, we can help. Bring your project to us and we can guide you through the storm.

  3. 03. Mixing and Mastering

    Does your kick drum need some punch? Acoustic need some sparkle? Graffiti Music Studios has in-house engineers that are ready to see you through a difficult mix. Bring it to us. We can help you fix any issues you may be struggling with, and see your concept become reality.

Graffiti Music Studios

Full Production.

Where do you want to take this?
What are your needs?

Setting it up.
And laying it down.

Plugs and polish.
Mixing and matching.

  1. 01. Pre-Production

    Where do you want to take this?
    What are your needs?

    What's your vision? What's your style? What's your concept? These are the things we want to help you discover. Before anything is laid down, we need to know. We will discuss your needs, and find the best path to achieve your vision.

  2. 02. Production

    Setting it up.
    And laying it down.

    This is when it happens. You'll bring your tools, and we'll provide the real studio experience. Tracking at Graffiti Music Studios is an event that will leave an indelible impression on your psyche. This is where we achieve the sound you have been hearing, and waiting to express. This is where the 0's and 1's unite.

  3. 03. Mixing

    Plugs and polish.
    Mixing and matching.

    Graffiti Music Studios engineers will spend the time it takes to polish the mix until it's audibly exquisite. With some of the finest tools available we take the raw materials acquired during tracking, and refine them to the point of view conceived during pre-production. We will see it through, and do what it takes to meet your needs.

Latest Work.

01. San Haven Chuckle

02. 3 Legged Monster

03. Johnson Family Band

  1. 01. San Haven Chuckle

    Originally from Jamestown, ND, the San Haven Chuckle is a fearsome four-piece rock-and-roll band that now calls Fargo home. Made up of members Travis Gilbertson, Bud Hess, Sean Dunlap, and Lucas Anderson, the San Haven Chuckle's list of influences is so widespread that they are sure to have something to please everyone.
    Album Reason | Year 2013

    San Haven Chuckle Wendel

  2. 02. 3 Legged Monster

    The 3 Legged Monster is a self-deprecating Progressive Rock band based in Fargo, ND. Their relentless wit is overshadowed only by their immense... talent. From concise to epic, heavily layered vocal arrangements against a backdrop of complex time signatures, dynamic instrumental textures and soaring melodic themes, their most recent album, Airwaive, has what it takes to please any discerning Rock'n'Roll aficionado.
    Album Airwaive | Year 2013

    3 Legged Monster Wave

  3. 03. Johnson Family Band

    The Johnson Family Band is a collection of musicians from the Fargo/Moorhead area that came together from a variety of musical backgrounds to celebrate a common love of folk music. The music is rooted in a traditional mountain feeling, but draws influence from jazz and rock-and-roll as well.
    Album Old Ruby | Year 2008
    Album Snake Oil Woman | Year 2011

    Johnson Family Band Love And Gravy

Other Work

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